Kiss of Venus: Chapter 30

When Chi Lu came over to look for him, Li Shen had a smile on his lips. She snorted and went up to him, “That is the wedding planner, Yu Wan?”

Li Shen restrained the smile on his face and asked, “Do you need something?”

Chi Lu pursed her lips, dissatisfied with Li Shen’s reaction. However thinking that this is Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin’s wedding, she didn’t flare up, “President Yu of Huanyu wants to talk to you.”

It is normal for everyone to socialize in a place where a lot of celebrities and high-profile figures are gathered together. Li Shen is more surprised the person looking for him is someone from Huanyu, “President Yu is looking for me? I don’t plan on starring in a movie.”

Chi Lu didn’t discuss with him whether he is considering transitioning to the film and television industry in the future. She directly said, “He is probably looking for you to sing for the movie.”

In recent years, Huanyu’s films are hits at the box office and public praise, especially the detective films which they cooperated with the famous author Xing Xin. The word Huanyu has been regarded as quality assurance in the Chinese movie industry. Although Li Shen had never considered expanding to film and television, he is still willing to sing songs for their movies.

He followed Chi Lu to President Yu. At the same time, Yu Wan had returned to the bride’s waiting room and saw that Hu Jiao is still putting on her makeup.

The wedding ceremony is scheduled to be held at 6 in the evening. From the time Hu Jiao got up in the morning to now, she had only eaten a small biscuit before getting on the wedding car. Yu Wan was afraid she would be hungry so she walked up and asked if she wanted to eat something. Hu Jiao was indeed very hungry but because she is afraid she wouldn’t look good in her dress, she simply asked the staff for water.

After her makeup was done and her wedding dress is put on, someone came over to take a picture. Despite being hungry, Hu Jiao still smiled cordially. Yu Wan couldn’t help but lament in her heart that Miss Hu is also very professional.

At six o’clock in the evening, the ceremony officially began. After the guests were seated, the newlywed did not walk down the aisle to the famous “Wedding March.” Instead, it is the marriage soundtrack in the game. Yu Shimin stood in front of the lake while Hu Jiao’s father led Hu Jiao down the aisle, past the guests, and handed her to Yu Shimin.

The two walked over to the rippling “lake” surface and stopped under the big tree, symbolizing love. The officiator guided them to finish their oath and then took out a red thread exactly the same as in the game. The wedding rings were tied to each end of the thread. The couple put on the ring for each other and completed the ceremony.

Because the sky hasn’t darkened yet, it wasn’t time to release the sky lanterns. The bride changed outfits again while the guests start to use their evening meal.

Hu Jiao booked the entire hotel for the wedding and didn’t invite any media outlets to cover the wedding. Because of this, there are very few pictures of the event on the internet, some were posted by the guests who are at the scene.

It’s not an exaggeration to say half of the entertainment industry is present.

Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin’s wedding is most heavily searched by the people. The official games even rode their coattail and try to gain some hype.

When the sky darkened, the guests have finished eating. The host invited everyone back to the ceremony site to appreciate the sky lanterns. Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin are already standing in the “lake,” holding a sky lantern in their hand. In front of everyone’s eyes, they picked up a pen and wrote down the wish of long-term love. The candle emitted a warm yellow glow that gently swayed in the wind. Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin slowly let go of the sky lantern and watch it lift off. The surrounding large LED screens played the video of sky lanterns rising up in the air. Coupled with the lighting at the scene, it looked both dreamy and spectacular.

As the "sky lanterns” quickly rise up to the sky, it starts to scatter. The lighting on set, which has been through countless modifications to achieve the current effect, was altered each time to coordinate with the moving lanterns.

There were sounds of exclamation from the guests. Some took out their phones to record the sight and post it on their Moments, then posted on Weibo.

When the video first came out, some netizens thought they actually released that many real lanterns into the sky. They wantonly criticized the wealthy for holding a wedding with no regard to public safety. But not long after, they were beaten down. Despite not inviting any media outlets, Hu Jiao’s wedding took the two top hot searches. Many major accounts followed the trend and wrote about her wedding.

After the wedding ended, guests who were in no rush to leave decided to stay at Ten Miles of Mountains and Water for the night. After all, Hu Jiao booked the entire hotel. After everyone left, Yu Wan stayed on-site to help clean up a little. Tomorrow, everything had to be restored back to its original form.

While she is explaining some things to a worker, Wei Shao came over. Yu Wan was a little surprised to see him, “Boss, what are you doing here?”

Wei Shao was also a guest at Hu Jiao’s wedding today. At this time, he is preparing to go back to A City and came over to ask if Yu Wan wanted to go together. However, seeing the situation here, he can see that she can’t leave, “I just came to look around. Do you have to finish taking everything down tonight?”

“No, some works are too big to handle. We have to wait until tomorrow.”

“En, then rest early. I have to meet a client tomorrow so I’m heading back today.”

Yu Wan nodded.

When Li Shen came over, he saw Yu Wan talking to a familiar-looking man. Oh, this seems to be her boss, Wei Shao.

He stood there for a while before he went up to them, “Yu Wan.”

Li Shen’s voice is very recognizable. After hearing his voice, several female staff turned to him in unison. Wei Shao also looked back too. When he recognized it was Li Shen, he was a little bewildered. Yu Wan was stunned. When he and Li Shen met at Manager Guo’s wedding, she pretended they were strangers. After that time, their meetings had always been in private. This is the first time he greeted her in front of so many people.

“You haven’t finished your work yet?” Li Shen doesn’t look uncomfortable as he stepped forward and asked Yu Wan in a familiar tone. Yu Wan awkwardly laughs to ease her slightly nervous mood, “Ah, we’re not done taking down the site.”

Li Shen frowned, looking a little puzzled, “Do you have to personally take down the site?”

“Uh, I don’t need to do it. It’s just that some places need to be communicated to avoid any mistakes in the future.”

“Oh.” Li Shen looked at Wei Shao standing next to her, “You must be Shaohua’s boss, President Wei. We’ve met before at Manager Guo’s wedding.”

Wei Shao nodded, “Hello.”


After greeting Wei Shao, Li Shen asked Yu Wan again, “Are you going back to A City today? I am leaving right now so I can take you along the way.”

“.....” Faced with Wei Shao’s puzzled look and the staff’s curious eyes, Yu Wan explained with a smile, “Li Shen and I live in the same community.”

Wei Shao was caught off guard and asked, “Is it over at Lize Park?”

“Yes, I didn’t expect such a coincidence.”

Wei Shao, “....”

It is quite a coincidence.


He turned and looked at Li Shen again. When Li Shen greeted him earlier, he hid a knife behind his smile from his male instinct. He smiled at Li Shen and asked again, “Wouldn’t it cause a misunderstanding if you go back with Yu Wan? Would your agent agree?”

“My agent has left. I’m going back with my agent. I will be driving directly back to the community so the paparazzi would not be able to enter.”

The more she heard, the more Yu Wan felt that it sounded like she and Li Shen are in some sort of secret relationship. She quickly ended the topic, “I will be staying here tonight. Miss Hu had arranged a room for me. I will return to the company tomorrow morning.”

Wei Shao and Li Shen’s attention were diverted. Wei Shao thought about it and said to her, “You can report to the company tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay.” At this time, Yu Wan saw Xiao Dong, who helped walk Li Shen’s dog last time. She blinked at Li Shen, “Your cousin found you.”

Li Shen followed her gaze and his face blanked.

“Shen ge, why did you come here? I have been looking for you everywhere.” Xiao Dong ran over and asked him, “Do you want to leave now? If we don’t go back to A City right now, it would be too late. You still have to record tomorrow.”

If he doesn’t record well tomorrow, Lulu jie would definitely lecture her again.

“Let’s go.” Li Shen gave a sideways glance at Wei Shao, “If President Wei has nothing else to do, why don’t we leave together.”

Wei Shao’s lips slightly twitched. He said to Yu Wan, “Then I will leave first.”

“Okay, drive safely.” Yu Wan watched them go out of her sight and returned to communicate with the staff.

The next morning, the Hu family checked out all the rooms. Yu Wan also returned to A City with her colleagues. After being busy for so long, everyone is tired. Fortunately, the wedding was a success. It was only at this time that everyone found the time to scroll through Weibo and look at yesterday’s hot searches/

Yu Wan had been sleep-deprived the past few days. She slept on the entire ride back and when she got home, she casually ate some stuff and laid in bed to make up for her lost sleep.

At three in the afternoon, she appeared in Wei Shao’s office. Wei Shao had her sit down and smiled, “Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin’s wedding was very successful. The two of them were quite satisfied. The last of the wedding payments arrived today, you performed well.”

“Thanks, boss, it is all because of your teachings!” At this time, Yu Wan still didn’t forget to praise her boss.

Wei Shao laughed, “Last time I promised you that if this wedding is a success, you will be promoted to planning director. I will officially put out the notice next time.”

“Thank you, boss. I will continue to work hard!”

“Hu Jiao and Yu Shimin will be going abroad for their honeymoon. She wants you to meet her at her house tomorrow.”

“....” Yu Wan who was just basked in joy woke up instantly, “Why is Miss Hu looking for me?”

The wedding is over and the payment has been settled. It stands to reason that she doesn’t have anything else she needs to do. Miss Hu also doesn’t seem to want to be friends with her.

Based on Hu Jiao’s character, it is more likely that she felt there was something wrong with the wedding. She probably wants to criticize her before leaving abroad.

Wei Shao said, “I don’t know. She just said to have you go over. Relax, it should be fine. If there was any problem, they wouldn’t have been so happy to pay the bill.”

“En, okay.” Yu Wan also comforted herself.

The next morning, Yu Wan nervously went to Hu Jiao’s villa once again. The Hu family’s servants are helping Hu Jiao pack her things. It doesn't look like they are preparing to go on their honeymoon abroad. Rather, it is more like preparing to move abroad.

Yu Wan didn’t say much. She looked at Hu Jiao, who is sitting on the sofa painting her nails, and asked, “Miss Hu, why did you ask to see me today? Do you need something?”

Hu Jiao put down the nail polish and pushed the box on the table over, “This is for you.”

Yu Wan froze. Although the box is unopened, she recognized the logo on the top, it is a big international brand.

…..Based on Hu Jiao’s status, she wouldn’t simply buy a box and fill it with some small gadgets to prank people. So, is it really a designer bag?

“Open it and take a look.” Hu Jiao urged when she saw that she hadn't moved. Yu Wan opened the box and her eyes opened wide. Indeed, inside is a carefully packaged designer bag. It also looks new.

This bag costs at least 10,000 yuan. Yu Wan silently put the lid back on and turned to Hu Jiao, “Miss Hu, this is too expensive. I can’t take it.”

Hu Jiao looked up at her, “You’re not a public official, it’s not like you can accept gifts.”

Yu Wan, “.....”

“Also, it’s just a bag, it’s not that expensive.”

Yu Wan, “.....”


“I saw that you would carry the same bag every time you came over. You should’ve changed to another one long ago.”

“....” She carried that bag because it is big enough to hold her laptop and files.

Hu Jiao continued, “You really worked hard for this wedding and you also put a lot of thought into it. When I was going around toasting yesterday, I saw that each set of tableware is tied with a red cord and the plait is similar to the love knot in the Matchmaking Temple. To be honest, I was impressed by this small detail. Just accept the bag.”

Yu Wan slightly pursed her lips. She heard people around Hu Jiao mention before that also she isn’t easy to please, she would give gifts to those who did a good job. She didn’t expect she would be one of the recipients of Hu Jiao’s gifts.

“But this bag….”

“What’s wrong with the bag? Didn’t the commission you receive is more than this?”

Yu Wan, “.....”

She smiled at Hu Jiao and accepted the bag, “Thank you, Miss Hu.”

After leaving Hu Jiao’s villa, Yu Wan’s heart was thumping. She took a look at the box with a big logo next to her. She took out her phone and snapped a picture of it and sent it to WeChat, “I just met with Miss Hu. She gave me this!”

After the message was sent, Yu Wan finally realized that the name on top of the chatbox is “Li Shen.” She almost blurted out a curse.

She clearly wanted to send it to Zhou Xiaoning. How did she end up clicking on Li Shen’s name!

What’s even more terrifying is that Li Shen quickly replied to her message, “Hu Jiao is quite generous and often gives her friends gifts.”

“....” There is no use in trying to withdraw not. Yu Wan could only reply back, “Yes, hahaha. I didn’t expect that the first designer bag in my life would actually be given to me by a woman. [laugh cry]”

Li Shen slightly frowned at the message he received, feeling a little unhappy.

Looks like what Zhu Gan said was right. You have to be times when pursuing girls. He was delayed a step and some other person gifted her a designer bag.