Kiss of Venus: Chapter 70

This wasn’t something planned in advance. Yu Wan was completely caught off guard. Everyone’s eyes were on her. Li Shen gently pushed her forward, “Go ahead.”
A hint of a smile could be heard in his voice. Yu Wan came back to her senses and walked over to Chen Shishi. 
Chen Shishi put the bouquet in her hand and smiled at her, “I hope this bouquet can bring you good fortune and happiness.”
“Thank you.” Yu Wan took the flowers and hugged her before returning to the crowd.
After the flower bouquet “throw,” everyone began to use dinner. Li Shen looked at Yu Wan who was in a trance. He lowered his head and asked, “What is it? Haven’t gotten over it?”
Yu Wan looked up and met his familiar gentle gaze. She smiled, “To be honest, I'm a little touched. This is my sixth year as a wedding planner and this is the first time a bride gave her bouquet."
In the weddings she planned before, some brides would give bouquets directly to their loved ones. She and Chen Shishi are not close so she did not expect that she would give her her bouquet.
Li Shen raised his hand and rubbed her hair and lightly said, "Because you are worth it."

“....” Li Shen’s face matched his voice. Yu Wan couldn’t stand it. 
While the guests were having their dinner, Yu Wan couldn’t stay idle let alone eat with them. There is also a fireworks show and dance party that she still needs to prepare for. She has to go outside and confirm the situation with the band and staff. 
The sea at night looks pitch black. It doesn’t look as romantic as when it is the day but when the fireworks lit up the beach, it created a completely different feeling. 
The fireworks went off one by one, blooming into colorful flowers and even heart-shaped ones. Everyone’s mood also lifted with the fireworks. The band took advantage of the atmosphere to play some music.
The opening dance was naturally performed by Gu Xin and Chen Shishi. The two danced under the blooming fireworks. The carousel also lit up at this time and started to move. 
The photographers carried their long-lens cameras and snapped pictures like crazy. Such a romantic scene aroused their creative desire. 
After the opening dance, the guests found their partners and stepped onto the dance floor.
Yu Wan stood to the side and let out a sigh of relief. This is the last part of the wedding and everything moved smoothly to end up here. Although she had not seen the videos and photos taken, she knows that it will look bad. 
The first wedding she completed as an independent planner was still satisfactory. 
“May I have the honor to invite this beautiful lady to a dance?”
A sudden voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked at the outstretched hand in front of her and the slightly bowing Li Shen. She couldn’t help but laugh, “I shouldn’t. I’m not wearing a dress.”
As a wedding planner, Yu Wan's outfit is naturally more professional. Although her clothes are not casual wear, compared to the fluttering long skirts of the other women on the scene, she would look a little underdressed on the dance floor.
Li Shen didn’t withdraw his hand, “What to do? Can you bear to see your handsome boyfriend without a dance partner?”

“....” Yu Wan helplessly looked at him, “Don’t act dumb. There are a lot of people present who would jump at the opportunity to dance with you.”
"But I just want to dance with you." Li Shen looked at her, his eyes seemed to glow like the fireworks just now, dazzlingly bright.
Yu Wan looked at him for a while, smiled, and put her hand into his palm.
Li Shen quirked his lips. He took Yu Wan’s hand and led her to the dance floor. He put his right hand on her waist and looked down at her, “Did you eat dinner?”
Yu Wan moved slowly along with the beat, “I just ate some with the band leader.”
“This band is not bad.”
Yu Wan smiled, “Of course, Gu Xin booked them.”
Li Shen hugged her even tighter, “You’ve worked hard. Take a break when you go home.”

“En.” Yu Wan responded and accidentally stepped on Li Shen’s foot, “.....Sorry.”
Li Shen lightly smiled, “It’s all right.”
Yu Wan was a little embarrassed, “I am tired today. I can’t dance well.”
"Oh, then let's pick a day when you are in a good state and dance again."
Yu Wan lightly pinched his waist. Li Shen chuckled, “It's not enough to step on me, but you also pinched me. Is this considered domestic violence?"

“....Be careful or I will step on you again.”
“Go on, I can bear it.”

Yu Wan, “....”
After the wedding, Gu Xin and Chen Shishi went on their honeymoon. Some photos from their wedding were circulated online. Although they were taken by the guests on their phones, it did not cover up the dreamt scene. It immediately attracted countless netizens’ attention. Various media accounts also reported on Gu Xin’s romantic wedding.
The mass may not care who the wedding planner is and could only sigh how beautiful it is, but in the wedding circle, Yu Wan’s name gained more recognition.
Many friends sent her congratulatory messages. Even Wei Shao, who hadn't contacted her for a long time, sent a special message to praise her for the wedding she planned.
While she is cherishing their appreciation, she waits for the official photos from the photographers. This time, the photos are not only for Gu Xin and Chen Shishi. The editor of the main branch ofBeautiful Bridecontacted her through the editor of their domestic branch that they want to write an article about the wedding. 
Beautiful Bride is an English magazine and has a considerably large readership. When Yu Wan received the message, she almost jumped with joy. 
This is a feeling of success!
After receiving the photos from the photographer, Yu Wan immediately passed them on to Chen Shishi. Under the lens of a professional photographer, the dreaminess of the scene is magnified even more. Of course, the article needs the newlywed’s permission first; after all, it is their wedding. After Yu Wan told them about it, Gu Xin and Chen Shishi had no objections. They only screened the photos once and sent them to Yu Wan to use. 
When Li Shen came home at night, he saw Yu Wan sitting in front of the computer, studying something enthusiastically. Lili lay next to her with her head in front of the computer, watching it curiously.
The scene in front of him was quite funny and he couldn’t help but smile. He took off his jacket and walked into the living room, “Why are you so happy?”
Yu Wan looked up at him and smiled, “I received the pictures from Gu Xin and Chen Shishi’s wedding. I just sorted them out and sent them to the editor of the magazine. They also said they want to interview me!”
"Oh, congratulations." Li Shen sat down beside her and looked at the computer, "How do the photos look?"
“It’s very beautiful. I can’t believe I created it!”
Li Shen was amused, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you bragging about yourself like this.”
"It's really beautiful! And it's going to be published in the main issue of Beautiful Bride, just think about it." People in this field of work need to pay attention to industry trends from time to time. In this regard, Beautiful Bride magazine carries a lot of prestige, especially the English version which has always been at the forefront. People can get a lot of advice and inspiration from it. Yu Wan used to be a reader of this magazine, and now, her work is about to be published in it, how can she not be excited.
“When we get married, our wedding photos will be more beautiful.” Li Shen moved his gaze from the computer back to her, “Wanwan, your birthday is coming up. Have you thought about how to celebrate it?”
“It’s still a month away. I realized the older one gets, the less excited they are about their birthday.”
Li Shen smiled, “No matter how you want to celebrate it, you must leave that day free.”
“So overbearing,” Yu Wan blinked, “But are you sure you will be free that day?”
Li Shen lowered his head and kissed her lips, “If I say I am free then I am free.”

“....” Sure enough, he is overbearing.
After today, Yu Wan accepted an interview with Beautiful Bride magazine. The interview is with a local editor. The manuscript will be translated into English and sent to the editorial department of the main branch.
The questions were all sent from the main branch, mainly about the preparation and inspiration for Gu Xin and Chen Shishi’s wedding. In the end, the editor talked to her about being a wedding planner instructor. 
Beautiful Bride has an academy to train professional wedding planners in the country. The courses range from introductory to advanced. This academy can be considered the earliest of its kind. Nowadays, the enrollment has been stable and the school is up to standards. 
Yu Wan didn’t think much about it and agreed on the spot. 
The editor made an appointment with her to come to the company and sign a contract before she left. Yu Wan took the subway home and went she reached the front of the house, she realized...
Li Shen’s car is already parked in the garage.
She changed her shoes, opened the door, and walked in. She saw Li Shen playing with Lili in the living room.
“Why are you home so early?” Li Shen is recording a new album. Although he isn’t busy to the point that they can’t see each other, he will still come back late at night.
Li Shen put down Lili and said, “In the middle of recording, Qiao Yichen said he had some new ideas. So the recording ended and will continue tomorrow.”
“Oh, I see.” Yu Wan put down her bag and rubbed Lili who came to her. 
“How’s your interview with the magazine editor today?”
“It went well. The editor said it will be published in the July issue and she will send me a copy when the time comes.” Yu Wan said, “Oh, they also invited me to lecture at their training academy.”
 "Lecture?" Li Shen looked at her,  looking a little surprised, "Did you agree?"
“En, they haven’t told me what courses I will be teaching but there won’t be a lot. After all, I’m not a full-time instructor.”
“Why did you suddenly think of being a lecturer?”
Yu Wan smiled at him, “Although instructors don’t make a lot of money, I want to take this opportunity to learn how to operate an academy and accumulate some experience.”
Li Shen was taken aback, “You plan on setting up an academy?”
Yu Wan laughed, “Yes, I have such a thought. When I become an instructor in the future, I won’t be as busy anymore.”
Li Shen lowered his head and laughed. It looked like his family Wanwan was more ambitious than he thought.